Creative Child May 2020 - Page 7

Named the 2019 National Parenting product award winner, My First Workout ® welcomes each and every child to the wonderful world of exercise that does not discriminate in any way, shape or form.   The progressive skill-based program was created by Certified Personal Trainer, Michelle Miller, whose 20-year career includes working with individuals of all ages and fitness levels. My First Workout ® comes neatly packaged in a kit with Program 1 (of the 12-workout series) and 8 kid-size pieces of home gym equipment.   Michelle hand selected each piece for its practicality, durability and functionality. The exercise programming is available online in both video and poster format so parents can confidently teach the exercises to their children. The month of May celebrates the importance of kid’s fitness and family wellness while raising awareness for tough issues such as childhood mental health and stroke.  My First Workout ® is committed to helping kids grow stronger physically and emotionally with our kid focused workouts and parents to realize the importance of being proactive and not reactive when it comes to their child’s health and fitness. Life will forever be changing but a home workout plan is a great way to make sure this essential part of life never misses a beat! Learn More About #Fav O f The M onth MYFIRSTWORKOUT.COM 6