Creative Child May 2020 - Page 49

MATERIALS: • 1 Circle Foil Tray • Colorful String • Paint • Bells DIRECTIONS: 1. Flip the circle foil tray over so that the “bottom” is facing up. Let your kids paint and draw all over it! Use glow in the dark paint for a fun surprise, or glitter. 2. Use a single hole punch and go around the edges of the tray, leaving 6-8 inches in between each hole punch. 3. Cut 4-6 inch pieces of ribbon. We punched out 8 holes, so needed 8 pieces of string. 4. Tie bells onto one end of each string. Then tie the other end of the string to the tambourine using the holes you punched out earlier. 5. Let your kids play, or create a band, and use them just like normal tambourines! 48