Creative Child May 2020 - Page 33

Smocked Polkadot was created in 2014 after Ashley Hensley, a mom of three, was tired of not being able to find affordable, adorable and classic clothing for her chil- dren. Her solution was to start designing clothing for her own children (two boys and one girl), which turned into the cre- ation of Smocked Polkadot. Based in Virginia, Smocked Polkadot evokes Southern Charm and childhood innocence and offers an array of sea- sonal children’s apparel including sepa- rates and sets, swimwear, sleepwear and monogrammed apparel and headwear all ranging from $19 to $80. The clothing is designed for newborns up to 10 years old with a mix of traditional and vibrant patterns and appliques. Proceeds from every sale of Smocked Polkadot will go towards the Seecaas Hope for Adoption Foundation, which was started by Ashley and her husband after their journey through two adop- tions, as well as one failed adoption. The purpose of the foundation is to assist and support the financial barrier by provid- ing grants to people who choose to grow their families through the adoption pro- cess. These proceeds will help funding for families to support the adoption process since the cost is often the roadblock for some families because adoption can cost approximately $40,000. Smocked Polkadot is sold through the brand’s Facebook, Instagram and on their website. 32