Creative Child May 2020 - Page 31

• GET THE KIDS TO PITCH IN WITH CLEANING. With all that’s going on, nobody could judge you for not having an orderly house. I doubt even Martha Stewart’s home looks very Marth Stewart-y right now. But science shows that physical clutter creates mental clutter. Organization is an important part of maintaining boundaries. Just don’t go at it alone. Everyone needs to pitch in. Get your kids involved. One of my best cleaning techniques to get kids to pitch in is not to overwhelm them. Instead of saying, go clean your room, which is an arbitrary ask, assign a small section to clean, or limit their cleaning time to five minutes. It’s amazing how much cleaning can get done when it’s a concerted effort. Even if my kids are still deep into their cleaning five minutes later, I encourage them to wrap it up. By creating finite limits, I find my kids are more prone to clean the next time around. • READ TOGETHER. If you’re finding homeschooling next to impossible, you’re not alone. So we can’t maximize their learning right now with oral book reports and trips to the virtual museum. But if there’s one thing we can do, I believe is to instill a love of reading. To this end, try positive associations, like cookies and books, or read aloud to your child. Maybe their pace of learning might diminish now that they’re out of the classroom. But if you can instill a love of reading somehow, they’ll more than make up with it in the years to come. • 30