Creative Child May 2020 - Page 14

AT HOME PLAY Products to Cure Those Stay-At-Home Blues Cursive Handwriting Guide  by: School-Rite   Writing made easy! High quality 8 1/2 x 11" plastic template guides pencil through letter while helping kids learn.  Pioneer 12" World Globe  by: Replogle Globes   The Pioneer features over 4000 place names and up-to-accuracy. Raised relief embossing gives the mountains a 3-D effect. Historical Conquest: History Game by: Historical Conquest  Looks like Pokemon, plays like Risk, but using History. Get a FREE deck at the link below.  The Illustrated Devotional for Girls   by: Christian Art Gifts, Inc.  This wonderful daily devotional for girls combines coloring & rich faith-filled content that's sure to inspire all year. 13