Creative Child January 2020 - Page 37

MATERIALS: • Paper • 5-8 Cotton Balls • Glue • 1 Clear Plastic Plate • Optional: Glitter, Beads, Sequence, Paint DIRECTIONS: 1. On a piece of paper draw an outline of the clear plate where you want it on your paper. Draw the base of the snow globe and what you want the theme to be such as, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” , “It’s 2020!”, “KEEP WARM and SNUGGLE ON”, “Frosty the Snowman” etc. 2. Buy or cut out mini snowflakes that will fit within the circle. Place aside for later. Separate or stretch out your cotton balls and set them to the side tas well. 3. Make your snowman! I used paper so it was a movable piece that could be glued on later but you can draw it on too. 4. Then leave it to the kids! Let them decorate the snow globe with elmer’s glue and all the pieces you made. I set out the cotton balls for “Snow Piles”, Snowflakes, Sequence beads for “Snow” and the snowman! 5. Once they finished ask of they want glitter! It gets messy so I would suggest doing it yourself. 6. Once it’s officially done, glue the plastic clear plate upside down where you sketched it out earlier. This will create a dome effect like a real snow globe! Then you’re done! 36