Creative Child January 2020 - Page 32

creative highlight A science experiment Cooking is a great way to teach kids about science. Baking ingredients need to be measured exactly for the recipe to come out as expected where soups, casseroles, salads, and many other savory dishes are more forgiving when the ingredients are adjusted slightly. Allow kids to get creative with ingredients. Does this dish need more salt? More onion? More cheese? Older kids, with supervision, can be given the opportunity to experiment with tastes and ingredients and express their creativity. You can also teach kids about science by explaining what would happen if you forgot a baking ingredient like flour, baking powder, or salt. Creative presentation Kids who are particularly fond ‚Äč of visual art may enjoy creating an aesthetically pleasing dining experience even more than cooking. Kids can express their creativity in the kitchen without even using their cooking skills by setting the table, creating a centerpiece, or arranging food on a plate so that it looks as good as it tastes. 31