Creative Child January 2020 - Page 23

The study found no significant correlation between permissive parenting and creativity. This study is consistent with other studies, one being ​this study​ (source 2) of 66 Jamaican children which revealed that “the authoritarian style is the most salient predictor of children’s creativity, and that this relationship was negative.” A ​ nother study​ (source 3) of 323 honors college students at Midwestern University found that a “negative relationship between authoritarian parenting and creativity.” Again, t ​ his study​ (source 4) found that “parental acceptance and involvement was positively related to creativity-generating thinking styles.” It stands to reason that if we want to nurture our child’s innate creativity, we must not inhibit it by being overly controlling. These studies consistently show a negative relationship between punitive and strict parenting and low creativity. Positive, authoritative parenting actually allows a child’s creativity to flow and grow. Through such positive parenting practices as building positive relationships with your children, responding to emotional needs, and teaching problem-solving skills, you can equip your child with a critical skill for future success. Sources: 1. 2. 3. 4. 22