Creative Child January 2020 - Page 18

Raising A Confident Child: A 2020 Resolution Worth Sticking To The new year is an opportunity for parents to implement new strategies to instill resilience and confidence in their children. Confident children believe in them- selves and are able to face new challenges—essential factors in creating a joyful and fulfilling life. Here are four practical and effective strat- egies that parents can implement to build their child’s confidence: 1. Make time to play Playtime is one of the best parenting in- vestments you can make. The time you spend with your child shows them that they are valuable and worth your time. 2. Provide them with chores Children need opportunities to practice life skills and feel valued within the fam- ily. Make chores a fun game by using a tool like My Starry Chart, a new responsibility game and multi-educational chore chart for kids. This game, approved by child devel- opment experts, teaches kids goal setting, math, the calendar year and more. 3. Give them your attention Boost their self-worth by simply mak- ing eye contact when talking with them. Actively listening and engaging in conver- sations they care about sends the message that they are important to you. 4. Acknowledge their feelings Help them get comfortable with their emotions by accepting them without judgement. Validating their feelings will make them feel heard. And share your own feelings, too, which will help give them the confidence to express their own. By spending quality time together, giv- ing them more responsibility and provid- ing emotional support, you can help your child feel good about themselves and the world around them. Now that’s a resolution worth sticking to. | 17