Creative Child February 2021 | Page 33


• Branches
• Vase
• Construction paper
• Markers or crayons
• Scissors
• Glue
• Stamps , stickers , confetti
• Yarn or string
• Shredded paper or marbles


1 . Cut and Decorate Hearts . Cut out hearts in various sizes using the material of your choice . Feel free to layer in different sized hearts to add dimension and color variety . Decorate each heart with stickers , glitter , stamps and anything else you can think to festoon them with . Make sure to leave enough space on one side of the heart to write a note .

2 . Write a Message & String it . Have your child fill in the blank , “ I love …” by asking him what and whom he is grateful for . If your child isn ’ t old enough to write , fill in his heart for him . The message can be a longer well thought out message or something as short as “ I love soccer ,” or “ I love dad .” Then , puncture a hole in the heart using a hole punch or a pen and tie a festive string or yarn through the hole . Set aside the hearts and let dry .

3 . Assemble Branches in a Vase . Gather branches together and place them in a vase . Filling the vase with shredded paper or marbles will help hold the branches in place .

4 . Display the Gratitude Tree and Share . Hang the hearts on the branches . On Valentine ’ s Day , have your child and other family members and friends share what they wrote .