Creative Child February 2021 | Page 27

The key is that they need to be engrossed in the book , so help your child find a genre or author they love . Reading aloud to your child has many benefits as well , such as stronger emotional connection , improved listening skills , improved vocabulary and comprehension , as well as boosting information processing skills . Therefore , make sure reading together is part of your daily routine !
Shared Storytelling
When my children were young , I ’ d lie between them in bed and we ’ d make up fantastic adventures together . Even now , these are some of our best and happiest memories , and little did I know how much this simple nightly routine was growing their imaginations and their creativity ! Now as a teen and a pre-teen , both are proficient storytellers as well being creative musicians and artists , and I think their creative sparks can be traced back to those late night stories we made up together .
To begin this creative routine with your child , snuggle up together and think of a theme or topic . Then , decide who will begin the story . That person will tell the beginning of the story , and leave off for the next person to pick up . Then , you , or the next person in line , will take the story in their own creative direction for several minutes before leaving off for the next to pick up , and so on ! This is a wonderful brain exercise to really get those creative juices flowing !