Creative Child February 2021 | Page 25

As parents , we can help our children develop routines and habits that will boost their creativity . Below are 4 such routines to incorporate into your child ’ s daily life that will make him more imaginative , expressive , creative , and fulfilled .
Moving meditation .
Most kids can ’ t sit still long enough to meditate . Here ’ s the good news : They don ’ t have to ! Teach your child how to make moving meditation a part of their daily routines , preferably first thing in the morning . Research1 shows that open monitoring meditation is best for improving creative thinking . To teach open monitoring meditation to your child , simply instruct them to bring awareness to their senses . Talk about the sensation of the carpet beneath their feet or the smell of breakfast cooking . Ask them to pay attention to the way the toothbrush feels and the tart taste of their orange juice . Bringing awareness to thoughts and feelings is also a type of open monitoring meditation . This is simply observing one ’ s thoughts without judgement and noticing the feelings that arise . This is a good practice for older children to add into their daily routines and has been shown to boost cognitive thinking and creative skills .