Creative Child February 2021 | Page 17

3 . Set up play invitations .

Invitations to play can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make them , but the trick is to invite “ not force ” the child to engage in the activity . Allow the child to explore the materials freely and to create without adult direction . An example of a play invitation is play dough , googly eyes , craft sticks , pipe cleaners and gems laid out attractively for easy access .

4 . Encourage safe exploration and provide a myriad of objects and places to explore .

All of which engage all of your child ’ s senses . Allow them to take reasonable risks and make discoveries . Say “ yes ” more . Invite children to dance in the rain , jump in puddles , play in the mud , and paint with their hands . The mess is worth the benefits .

5 . Dramatic play lets children express their feelings .

This often occurs naturally as children imitate adults , animals , and things around them . This helps them understand their world and how to deal with situations and problems . Stimulate their natural need for dramatic play with costumes and simple props . •