Creative Child February 2021 | Page 15

To add to this sobering news , Kyung Hee Kim ’ s research has concluded that “ children have become less emotionally expressive , less energetic , less talkative and verbally expressive , less humorous , less imaginative , less unconventional , less lively and passionate , less perceptive , less apt to connect seemingly irrelevant things , less synthesizing , and less likely to see things from a different angle .” According to Kim ’ s research , all aspects of creativity have declined .
Each of us can make a positive difference in reversing this disturbing trend by providing free play and encouraging creativity . Parenting in the new age does not have to follow this trend .
Here are 5 Parenting Tips for ways you can encourage creativity .

1 . Provide free , unstructured , child-directed play on a regular basis .

Directed play , such as sports , isn ’ t nearly as beneficial as when adults step back and let children take the lead . Allowing outdoor play as much as possible with other children will help them learn social , cognitive , creative , and physical skills that will be highly beneficial throughout their lives .

2 . Make creative spaces in your home .

An art corner , a reading or writing nook and a block station are a few ideas that will invite your child to be freely creative .