Creative Child February 2020 | Page 41

SUPPLIES: • • • • • • • • Animal Crackers M&M’s Valentines Milk Chocolates Mini Marshmallows Ribbon Options for Display: Plastic Gift Wrap  Mason Jar Bowl DIRECTIONS: 1. Pour an even amount of marshmallows, cookies, and M&M’s into a bowl. Approximately one medium size bag of each ingredient, makes four to five gift bags. Next, mix the animal crackers, mini marshmallows, and M&M’s in a bowl and serve accordingly. Simple as that! 2. For more sweetness, add some rainbow fun. All you need is chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles! Dip the animal crackers and/or marshmallows in melted chocolate chips, then cover them in a layer of rainbow sprinkles. Let them sit sit harden on a cookie tray, then add them to the trail mix. You can also add peanuts, almonds, graham crackers and mini candy bars! 3. To display in a mason jar, choose two types of red and pink ribbon, then glue it to the lid of the mason jar to decorate. To make a goodie bag, use plastic gift wrap, and tie together with ribbon. Consider personalizing them with your child’s name on the back of each one, and handing them out to classmates. 4. This is the best trail mix for the biggest chocolate holiday of the year. Treat yourself and your guests to this mixture of sweet deliciousness this Valentine’s Day! • 40