Creative Child February 2020 - Page 34

creative highlight One of the easiest and cutest Groundhog Day snacks your child will love to create and eat are groundhog mini donuts. I saw this at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons but there are lots of variations online. You can use Scooby-Doo graham snacks, Nutter Butters, Teddy Grahams, or anything with a groundhog-like shape. Stick them inside the hole of a mini donut and add eyes, nose, and teeth using mini marshmallow bits, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, or candy eyes. Groundhog pudding cups are another sweet snack that is super simple and adorable. You’ll need Nutter Butter cookies, chocolate pudding cups, mini chocolate chips or brown m&ms, and marshmallow bits. All you’ll do is decorate the cookie and stick into the pudding cup. For a little extra pizzazz, you can dye some coconut flakes green and sprinkle on top for grass! 33