Creative Child February 2020 - Page 27

Tic Tac Toe Treats Supplies: • Valentine’s Day M&M’s • Plastic Gift Bags • Ribbon • Tic Tac Toe Printout grab t printo he from o uts websit ur e! Directions: Print and cut out tic tac toe sheets. Put two different colored M&M’s in a plastic gift bag; include 5 of each color. Next, place the print out in the bag, and tie the ends together with ribbon. It’s as simple as that! Valentine Bookmarks Supplies: • Paint Samples From Home Depot   • Heart Hole Punch • Ribbon • Scissors • Pencil • Ruler Directions: Align your ruler along the edge of the paint sample showing the names of the shades of paint. Draw a line and cut, so you have two pieces of the paint sample. Next, hole punch the top and sides of each color on the sample. Tie the ribbon to the top and curl with the edge of your scissors. It’s cheap and a cute git to give in school! 26