Creative Child February 2020 - Page 17

Supplies: • • • • • Oreo Cookies Chocolate Chips (any flavor) Kabob, or Lollipop Sticks Sprinkles (nuts, crushed cookie and etc.)  Parchment Paper Directions: 1. Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave for 30 seconds. Consider using white chocolate to have the option to add red or pink coloring. Carefully twist apart the Oreo cookies, to have a cookie with icing on one side and another cookie without icing. Place your stick on the icing side and add a dot of melted chocolate on top. Place the top of the cookie back on and allow white chocolate to harden (2 minutes or so), securing the cookie back together with a stick inside. 2. Holing the stick, simply dip your Oreo cookie in the bowl of melted chocolate. After it’s fully covered, gently place on a piece of parchment paper, and decorate as you please. Top with sprinkles, crushed Oreo, nuts, or use pink and red chocolate to swirl over the Oreo pop. 3. Once the decorations process is done, refrigerate until hardened. To give as a gift, wrap each pop in plastic wrap, or place these scrumptious pops on a plate for a Valentine’s Day party. Have fun, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day - Oreo lovers!  16