Creative Child April 2019 - Page 40

om ask at t .c un rner o o sc Di tersC r x to ca r@Ba u Ed aste yM Pla ® An Award-Winning Valuable Resource For Parents, Educators & Young Children! Stories That Build Character to Impact Choices Building Character is Child’s Play® Oakley the Octopus Leads Others to Learn Respect “Oakley had eight hands. He did not know which to use. When shaking hands with new friends, which hand should he choose?” It is polite to shake hands when meeting new people, but which hand should an eight-handed octopus use? Oakley the Octopus worries himself into a knot as he considers his options. At first, his classmates laugh at his predicament. Then a special task reveals the advantages of his many arms and he leads others to learn respect for everyone. Meet The Animals That Teach Kids About Making Good Choices Resilience Cooperation Respect Determination Respect Compassion Baxter’s Corner titles include: Ally Alone, What a Tree it Will Be!, Oakley in Knots, Sideways Fred, Ellema Sneezes and Gerome Sticks His Neck Out. Available at, and