Creative Child April 2019 - Page 35

You can also shorten your showers and fix any leaky faucets to conserve water. Consider carpooling or walking when it makes sense to save gas. Start a compost bin to reduce waste and give your garden a boost. Get the kids involved and be creative with how you can conserve resources. Pitch in If you want to clean up your neighborhood consider doing a family volunteer project. You can get friends and neighbors involved by picking up trash along your street, cleaning up a local park, or offering to do landscaping at a school or church. You could adopt a street and make cleaning it up a regular project. Serving in the community will help your kids understand the importance of protecting the environment and helping others. It may not be feasible to make all these changes at once but thoughtfully consider ways your family can make a difference in your neighborhood and to the earth and environment. Ask the kids to brainstorm how they can pitch in and what they think would be a simple way to make a big difference this Earth Day. 34