Creative Child April 2019 - Page 19

Materials: • A wooden skewer • Black and yellow pipe cleaners • Orange or yellow construction paper • Scissors • A pencil • A black marker • Glue • Googly eyes (optional) Directions: 1. Fold the construction paper in half, making a deep crease with your fingernails. (The deeper the crease, the more the finished wings will “flutter.”) Using the pencil, draw the outline of half of your butterfly onto one inner side of the folded paper. Don’t forget to make a head! 2. Next, cut out the butterfly shape and unfold the paper. You should have two identical halves. 3. Decorate both sides of your butterfly’s wings with colorful black shapes. (For inspiration and real-life examples, visit www.monarch- Glue googly eyes onto the butterfly’s head or draw eyes on with the marker. Let dry completely. 4. Cut two two-inch pieces of yellow pipe cleaner and twist them into antennae. Glue them onto the back of the head. Let dry completely. 5. Using the skewer, poke two small holes in the upside of the crease — one at the bottom near the rump, and one just below the head. Then thread the skewer through both holes. 6. Glue a piece of black pipe cleaner on top of the skewer to make the butterfly’s body. Let dry completely. 7. If the wings are stiff, gently fold and unfold the puppet along the crease a few times to loosen them up. Your monarch butterfly is ready to flutter and fly! 18