Creative Child April 2019 - Page 15

• You have one hour of screen time on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays after you have finished your homework, and after you have spent 5 minutes cleaning your room. If you don’t do your homework or clean that day, you will lose your screen time for the following day. • You have two hours of screen time on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. But only while you are at home. There is no watching at friends’ houses, in the car or at church. Please do not ask. • Remember tech manners. When someone comes over, pause what you’re watching and politely greet your guests, whether they are friends or relatives. When someone is speaking to you while you are watching, pause and give eye contact. • Do not take the iPad or a phone into the bathroom. Never leave drinks or other liquids next to any electronic device because this can cause permanent damage. Learn to take care of your things. • Encourage every member of the family (yes, even mommy and daddy) to follow these rules. 14