Creative Child April 2019 - Page 11

Creating a tech contract for the entire family is a very effective way to establish a clear understanding of household boundaries and expectations by eliminating surprises and helping family members hold each other accountable. Clear guidelines can also alleviate anxiety for kids who may find themselves pulled into watching things they didn’t initially want to watch or find themselves sliding down a rabbit hole of unhealthy habits. “iRules will allow you and your family to build healthy relationships with the technology used inside and outside your home,” - Janell Burley Hoffman, author of iRules: What Every Family Needs to Know About Selfies, Sexting, Gaming and Growing Up. The author advises that you think about your child before creating a tech contract or iRules, as she dubbed it. Think about your child’s age, interests, tendencies, personality traits and struggles. It may even be a good idea to spend some tech time with your kids. See what they enjoy watching, what they dislike or even what scares them. This will help you brainstorm what needs to be addressed. She also recommends bringing everyone who parents your child on board, whether it be a nanny, babysitter or grandparents. 10