CREATIV MAGAZINE Special Edition- Mimi's Boutiq - Page 23 | Special Edition | Dec 2017 | CREATIV | 17

Published in issue # 8

Maksimilian Dikarev is a self-taught photographer. Over the last two decades Maksimilian has delved into digital and large format film, most notably an exploration of a near-extinct medium: Polaroid film.

He is uniquely drawn to Polaroids because of its tactile nature. Its permanence and the distinctive quality of each individual Polaroid is unmistakable; the images are impossible to duplicate.

Lashina Minks

After years in the corporate world, compiled with the desire of personal fulfillment and the love of creating she decided to become and entrepreneur. Her passion for sewing and the arts is now being reflected with her venture “La belle Couture” line; where she designs and offers exclusive looks of tailored woman's and men attire from designer tank to dresses catering to the different characters and sense of style in every individual.

Each piece is a distinct work of art, unique a representation of her passion and freedom, dedication and creativity. She believes that the garment should fit impeccably and is made for each unique beauty or beau. Having a passion for fashion have always encouraged and shaped the love for designing, and the process of creating. The work is constantly evolving her best is yet to be achieved... | Special Edition | Feb 2021 | CREATIV | 23