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Her exposure to the fashion world began at a very young age; it started with her fascination of the sewing machine as she used to sew together pieces of left-over fabric imitating her milieu.

Her mother nourished her interest in fashion, her progressing skills and enthusiasm for sewing by always leaving her small pieces of fabrics for her dolls which pleased her immensely. In addition to her mother being a professional seamstress and owner of a school of Fashion and Culinary arts in her hometown of Haiti, she grew up in an environment full of earthy colors. From her mother’s beauteous garden to an island full of literature, poetry, painting music, and eclectic architecture,there's always something inspiring.

Several fabric vendors frequented her mother's establishment bringing in an array of fabric swatches etc… Due to this strong exposure of color and textiles her passion for sewing was continuously being cultivated. Dorinne began her career in her 20s by attending International fine arts College where she learned a wealth of knowledge about the history of fashion, costumes and more... and by creating garments for friends and family members, so grew her confidence and her flair for the unusual.

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Dorinne Jean-Gilles

by Dorinne Jean-Gilles