CREATIV MAGAZINE Special Edition- Mimi's Boutiq - Page 19

Haitian-American designer

Claire Gilles is well known for

her unique handmade


Her mother was a professor of the arts and a seamstress in her native country. Thus, at a very young age Gilles was introduced to the world of fashion and artistry.

Inspired by the ingenuity and creativity of her mother, the young designer would often try to emulate her mother’s craft by sewing handbags for fun.

Although she didn’t decide to introduce her brand professionally until 2010, the designer became an expert at creating her own handbags and accessories.

Claire Gilles Handmade collection was born out of pure appreciation for fashion, art and excitement of creating one of a kind pieces. Whether it is a clutch, satchel or a hobo bag, the piece have to make a bold statement. | Special Edition | Feb 2021 | CREATIV | 19


Gilles’ collection reflects and evokes her Creole heritage with a blend of African and Caribbean themes. The marriage of colors, fabrics, and detail, identify the transcending reflections of her signature style.

Her handmade bags and accessories are eco-friendly and created using sustainable textile sourced from Florida and Haiti. She also supports struggling artists and communities by employing native craftsmen.

The designer creates her handbags with bright and distinctive prints. Each design is custom-made with beautiful craftsmanship and acute attention to detail.

Gilles is also a Raw Artist alumni, she has participated in the past Mimi’s BoutiQ Annual fashion show and received an award for her creativity by the Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week Board.

The designer feels that every piece she creates is timeless as Gilles believes that great style has no time nor season!

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