Crazitive African Magazine Issue 12 - Page 9

THE first step to achieving something is knowing what you want to achieve followed by why you want to achieve it and matching your resources to achieve it. In Nigeria however, the reverse is the case. The first step is knowing the resources you have then finding a dream that fits it., funny yeah? But we know its true. We say things like “I have 500k, what kind of business can I do with it?” We hardly say “I want to manufacture cars, what or how much wil Ineed to make that happen?” There are certain things we need to keep in mind when we consider starting up or maybe we already started but we're stuck, they are; JI ! If we look deeply though, we'll see that Nigeria has a pool of opportunies and platforms on which talents, businesses and other amazing ideas which can be used to our advantage. Too many factors are present in the country to discourage from starting up that business/plan like the epileptic power supply, fear of public acceptance especially when the plan seems weird and rare, fear of taking risks, financial disability to mention a few. - Your business idea doesn't have to be what everyone is looking for, know who you'retargeting. MASUN - It doesn't have to be locally accepted either, you can go international and global first, yesits very possible and your locality will have no choice than to accept then - Use the country's disadvantage to your advantage, just find a way. - Motivate yourself, no one is obliged to “ginger” you. -When you get stuck, remember why you started. -Don't let anyone put down your idea, mentally block off all negative opinions but listenanyway, you might need it.