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Crates individual_Layout 1 7/25/16 4:13 PM Page 13 ✯ Classic Light Trail Saddle ✯ A light all around trail saddle for the serious trail and endurance rider who does NOT want a “Flex” tree. Made on a Crates-exclusive Equi-Fit tree by Steele Saddle Tree. In addition to a soft double-layered padded seat, the new 4” cantle is designed with a full extra inch clearance in the “Jockey” for more comfort in the thigh area. A 15” seat can feel like a 16” seat. The narrow ground seat in this trail and endurance saddle makes for comfort mile after mile on the trail. Available in Chestnut and Mahogany. “Sunflower” conchos by Hansen of California. No. 2172 Hand Tooled Double Bead Specifications Tree: Seat: Bars: Cantle: Riggings: Horn: Skirts: Fenders: Trim: Weight: Equi-Fit Trail Special 15”, 16” Quarterhorse, FQH 4” Oval “C” Plate, In-Skirt, 7/8 Position Trail 31/2” High 261/2” x 14”, Saddlefleece Lined 163/4” x 7”, 21/2” Leathers Hansen “Sunflower” About 27 Pounds Features ✯ Crates-Exclusive light trail tree by Steele Saddle Tree ✯ Soft double-padded grain-out chap seat ✯ Neat narrow shaped seat, 1” Cheyenne roll ✯ Hansen of California “Sunflower” trim No. 2172-2C No. 2172-2CW No. 2172-2M No. 2172-2MW No. 2172-4C No. 2172-4CW No. 2172-4M No. 2172-4MW 15” 15” 15” 15” 16” 16” 16” 16” Chestnut Chestnut, WIDE Mahogany Mahogany, WIDE Chestnut Chestnut, WIDE Mahogany Mahogany, WIDE • 800-654-2321 Crates Leather products are exclusively manufactured and marketed by 11