Craft Corporate Spring/Summer 2021 - Page 101

Dry is our super-efficient baselayers made from synthetic fibers that help you stay dry during intense workouts in warmer temperatures . Contrary to popular belief , a baselayer is always a good idea , even if the thermometer is showing red .
This is what you want if you plan on working out when it ’ s cold . These baselayers are made of the best of best when it comes to synthetic fibers , keeping you both warm and dry , no matter if you ’ re going for a new PB or just taking a walk in the park .
Wool . You either love it or hate it . This baselayer collection is based on natural fibers and keeps you warm in really cold conditions , even when wet . The garments are super versatile and work just as well for high-intensity training , especially since the material has odor-resistant qualities !


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Developed togheter and for the worlds elite athletes . This is the best baselayers we have to offer .
Some products really stands the test of time . And through the years they have become true classics that you will always find in our range .