CR3 News Magazine 2022 VOL 4: SEPTEMBER -- RADON AND SCHOOLS | Page 42

Can We Promote Radon Awareness Through Secondary School Science Classes?

Peter C. Foller, Ph.D.

Advisor to Ecosense, Inc.

Over the years, a lot of us have contributed to getting the word out on radon.  Progress is being made, which is certainly gratifying.  However, fresh approaches

are periodically necessary to keep up the momentum.  With this in mind, consider

the national-level importance of promoting career interest in STEM subjects (Science, Technical, Engineering, and Mathematics).  Are there pathways to achieve these twin objectives through secondary school science classes? 


Perhaps a two to three period secondary school science class module can prepare young people to go home and effectively talk about the subject?  CR3’s Youth Ambassadors Program provides an inspirational example of a pathway to promote greater radon awareness.


One high-level takeaway of such a science class module will be to illustrate that there are kinds of difficult societal problems that require bringing together knowledge from many different disciplines within the physical, biological, and social sciences.  Real-world problem solving is often like this- broad interdisciplinary backgrounds need to be assembled to come to practical, cost-conscious, and satisfactory resolutions.

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