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S P R I N G 2 0 1 4 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and British Columbia Over the past two years, LNG has become one of the most important, and controversial, issues in British Columbia. The global LNG market is rapidly growing and many BC and foreign companies are hoping to capitalize on BC’s large natural gas reserves. However, development of the LNG industry has been met with environmental concerns and a need to meaningfully consult with local First Nations. This issue of CPABC Industry Update profiles the economic potential of the LNG industry in BC, the global LNG market, the challenges of transporting LNG, the infrastructure that is being created to export LNG, the need for full consultation and partnerships with local First Nations, and the impact a blossoming LNG industry could have on CPAs and the BC economy. British Columbia’s CA, CGA, and CMA bodies are currently working to unite under the CPA designation. CPABC Industry Update is their online magazine for members, candidates, and students working in industry. About CPABC Industry Update is published online four times a year and is sent to over 28,000 CA, CGA, and CMA members, candidates, and students in British Columbia. Opinions expressed are not necessarily endorsed by the ICABC, CGA-BC, or CMABC. Copyright CPABC Industry Update 2014. The summer 2014 issue also includes updates about the CPABC Fall Leadership Conference, taking place in Victoria from September 17 to 19 and a new CPABC Professional Development section. Contact us We hope you enjoy this summer edition of Industry Update. Visit us online at, or email Editorial inquiries can be sent to James Eisner at In this Issue Look for these icons throughout Industry Update Click to return to In this Issue (page 3) 6  he LNG Opportunity in BC – Part I T 9 in every issue Competition, Capital, and People 13 LNG: An Overview of a Nascent Industry 14 4  Industry Snapshot: LNG Process and Facts A  n Overview of the LNG Shipping Industry 18  D Opportunities P 19  the Wake of Tsilhqot’in, To Do In 30  onnect with CPABC C Nothing is No Longer an Option 22  Rewriting the Rules of Engagement Click for more details online Online 19 26  LNG The Opportunity in BC – Part II 6 9 14 22 SUMMER 2014 | page 3