Covid 19 Support Brochure for Attractions - Page 9

COVID-19 - HELP FOR ATTRACTIONS ESF Award-winning Northern Ireland Street Furniture company, ESF, has partnered with designers in Italy, to bring to the market a product that will help businesses support and protect staff, visitors and clients. The idea for the Italian product came about after a conversation with Marco Vivan of The Italian Lab and Managing Director of Environmental Street Furniture, Alan Lowry. The duo realised there was a gap in the market for a stand to hold all the accoutrements needed in today’s COVID-19 society, from manual or automated hand sanitisers to gloves and bins. In the very short time that the ‘Stand Up’ has been available, the product has seen great engagement according to Alan Lowry. “We’ve found the last few weeks very fast-moving regarding this project. When Marco and I spoke, we knew that everything to date in this arena was made of plastic however, we wanted something sleek and befitting of its brand, as well as versatile and durable. The Stand-Up, made of sheet metal and powder coated, does all of that.