Covid 19 Support Brochure for Attractions - Page 8

COVID-19 - HELP FOR ATTRACTIONS CCD Design Specialist wayfinding and design consultancy CCD Design & Ergonomics and Smartify, the world’s most downloaded museum app, have published a toolkit to support museums adopt new social distancing measures and effectively remobilise. With the unprecedented closure of culture and heritage sites around the world, many venues are facing an uncertain future. Both CCD and Smartify found that clients had questions about social distancing and its future implications for visitor experience in culture and heritage. Anna Lowe, Director of Partnerships at Smartify, says “COVID-19 will change museums forever and presents both a challenge and an opportunity to deliver visitor experiences in new ways. This toolkit provides innovation-led thinking on how to navigate those changes in the short and long term.” The white paper looks across many of the touchpoints that museums will need to consider when implementing social distancing and provides actionable suggestions. Download the white paper for free here: re-mobilising-museums