Covid 19 Support Brochure for Attractions - Page 4

COVID-19 - HELP FOR ATTRACTIONS Access Audits Direct Access is a disability accessibility consultancy that advises organisations on how to improve access for disabled people. This is achieved through Access Appraisals working with architectural and construction firms to ensure accessibility is designed into new builds at the outset. Access Audits look at established buildings and services to make recommendations on accessibility. Both services draw on local disability legislation and building codes in the country of operation. Organisations are now beginning to plan for a ‘new normal’ of more staff working from home or planning how they will restart as restrictions ease. Access Audits have adapted their services to assist organisations to include accessibility considerations in these plans. These include: • Impact assessment of post COVID19 policy and practice • Developing inclusive social distancing methods • Access Audits of buildings to include COVID19 modifications • Access appraisals of new builds including COVID19 modifications and proposed COVID19 legislation • Disability awareness training to staff teams delivered online • Inclusive communication services for deaf, blind, dyslexic and non-verbal clients where we create Access Guides in sign language, audio description, large print and Braille transcription