Covid 19 Support Brochure for Attractions - Page 22

COVID-19 - HELP FOR ATTRACTIONS Engage Works Reimagining interactive experiences for today. We are a London and Dubai based creative technology agency who vision physical and virtual experiences, that inspire and engage. We believe that combining understanding, research, design and human insights with technology in impactful and creative ways is key to sculpting fully immersive experiential engagement, for today’s audiences. Our vision is to deliver highly imaginative experiential concepts driven by creativity and supported by technology. The driving force behind any experience is the visitor and the visitor journey, the technology solution needs to support and mirror that journey, enhancing the narrative and content delivery. We must consider the audience and focus the solution towards the right technology interface. A multitude of technologies can be considered depending on the need and the outcome desired. • Hand Gesture technology • Camera tracking technology • AR and MR integrated with the above • Air haptics • Voice recognition • Facial recognition • Eye tracking • Integration with personal devices like QR code Whether we are reimagining an existing experience through the lens of the new today or creating a bespoke new era experience, we must be driven to create within the new parameters of non-touch and solution distancing and not with ‘knee jerk’ solutions for a quick fix. Engage Works, recognizes the challenges of this new era and would welcome the opportunity to bring our creative thinking and technology know how to help create solutions for today.