Covid 19 Support Brochure for Attractions - Page 10

COVID-19 - HELP FOR ATTRACTIONS First Option Software CmdCtr by First Option Software is bringing connected data, insights and process management to theme park operations teams. CmdCtr is helping theme park operations teams to capture, record and manage the data and workflows across their teams. From training, to daily operations and senior management oversight, CmdCtr offers a fully digitised solution to replace paper based records, enabling new opportunities for insights, as well as huge time savings. The base suite of functionality comprises a cloud based hub app for senior management to oversee and manage their team’s training and daily operations, a tablet app to facilitate the creation, running and recording of team training sessions and a tablet app to manage ride access, performance data capture, downtime and incident reporting. First Option Software are launching CmdCtr as a suite of functionality to digitise the workflow for theme park operations teams across the world. Combined with their custom software services, they are helping operations directors to revolutionise their workflow with a system that’s adapted to suit their exact needs and requirements.