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Do you appreciate quality clothes and want to protect both people and environment ? More and more people think like you . Clothing consumption can pose a large environmental problem . Manufacturing often relies on substandard working conditions and a process that increases the environmental burden . On cotton plantations often non modern and harmful pesticides are being used that have a negative impact on both nature and the people working in the cotton fields . The most negative impact is yet in the after processes such as spinning , knitting and most of all , dyeing . All chemicals used when dyeing equal the culturing of cotton . Manufacturing clothes take a lot of resources in terms of water and together with the amount of disposed garments it has a big impact on both energy and environment , but it doesn ยด t have to be like that .
Consumption is positive since it is needed for trade . Trade is a necessity for the economy which creates jobs and wealth . Almost all reduction of extreme poverty has taken place in countries that are integrated with other countries by trade and the establishment of multinational companies whereas most countries that have risen from poverty and become industrialized have used the textile industry as a springboard , but it must be done in a fair and controlled way .
When you choose something from our Cottover collection , the third-party certifications guarantee that we meet the highest requirements when it comes to environment , health and quality for both producers and ready products . All licensed producers present fair conditions and only works with approved ingredients to meet the requirements .
We provide sustainable products with good quality to be able to last , and be used for a long time . We have developed the sustainable clothes but it is primarily you that makes a difference when you choose certified products instead of conventional .
Even if it seems complicated it is actually easy , just choose products with third-party certifications and you will know for sure that the products have been manufactured in a sustainable way .