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BSCI is an initiative for businesses that want to improve working conditions in the global supply chain . Their code of conduct is making demands on all members ’ suppliers , for example regarding wages and the prohibition of child labour , forced labour , and discrimination .
The Accord is a five-year contract to improve safety in the Bangladeshi textile industry , focusing on building , electrical , and fire safety . Over two million textile workers are directly affected by the work of Accord , which is , therefore , one of our most important projects regarding social responsibilities .
Textile Exchange is an international organisation working for a responsible expansion of organic cotton farming . Today , the available supply of organic cotton is not enough to meet the rising demand .
The Clean Shipping Index is an initiative aimed at encouraging shipping companies to use cleaner ships that are more environmentally friendly , in order to reduce chemical and greenhouse gas emissions into our oceans .
Mistra Future Fashion is a research programme focusing on sustainable fashion and working for a positive future for the fashion industry . The programme has a uniquesystem perspective , and the vision and aim of the programme is to ensure a systemic change to transform the industry into a sustainable one . Their inter disciplinary approach consists of research in areas such as design , supply chains , users , and recycling , in collaboration with a large consortium of more than 40 research and industry partners , including Cottover . Visit www . mistrafuturefashion . com