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The clothes we wear impact the environment and our health , but it also affects people around the world and labour conditions for workers worldwide . Cottover is certified with well recognized labels that all strive to improve the environment , ensure fair trade and fight poverty . The third-party certifications simplify for customers to make an active choice with minimum impact on our environment .
It is difficult for consumers to really know what we are buying and how the product has been manufactured . Even worse , it can sometimes be difficult for the supplier to know all involved in the production chain . To help with this we have our third party certifications that offer guidance for both manufacturers and consumers with its labelling . Third party certifications grants the following for you as a consumer ;
• Full traceability from fiber to garment . All steps and suppliers in the chain are documented .
• Examination and verification to secure that the standards have been met , done by a neutral organization with no connection to the supplier .
• Yearly audits and inspections to secure that the manufacturers meet the standards .
• Environmental labelling which are well known by consumers who can easily identify a sustainable product .