Cottonwood Connections November 2022 - Page 4

The Barton County EMG had a few projects going around the area in 2022.

Two members have been planting and watering around 30 pots at Great Bend Brit Spaugh Zoo (one is shown).

About six  members assisted with horticulture, floriculture and 4H check ins and judge assistance at the Barton County Fair in July.

All members participated in planning and implementation of the second annual Garden Tour in June. Educational materials were provided and the event was free and open to the public.  The 2023 Garden Tour is scheduled for June 23, Friday evening.

One member,  has started the Victory Garden (from scratch) at the Barton County Historical Village. It’s an ongoing endeavor with some other members assisting and also some community members. It’s to be educational and hands on in nature.

Two member’s ongoing project includes the educational garden at a local elementary school. The raised bed is planted and maintained through the growing season.  The produce is shared with neighbors of the school.

Other members have been involved in flower gardening throughout Great Bend in highly visible areas such as the Great Bend Public Library and the Barton County Courthouse.

Some members have given educational talks to civic organizations, church groups and one plans to participate in an EMG meeting in a neighboring county.

Barton County Master Gardeners