Cottonwood Connections November 2022 | Page 7

Keys to Embracing Aging is an evidenced based K-State Research and Extension program to help people better understand aging and help people understand important lifestyle choices to help us age. 

Keys to Embracing Aging introduces 12 healthy behavior practices that encourage optimal aging throughout the life span. The 12 keys of optimal aging include: 1. Positive Attitude 2. Eating Smart and Healthy 3. Physical Activity 4. Brain Activity 5. Social Activity 6. Tuning-in to the times 7. Safety 8. Know Your Health Numbers 9. Stress Management 10. Financial Affairs 11. Sleep 12. Taking Time for You.

Keys to Embracing Aging

Too often the busy-ness of the holiday season can cause stress and tension. It is important to stay focused on healthy habits to help manage the stress. Let Donna Krug and Monique Koerner, both Cottonwood Extension District educators, share some healthy holiday hints to help you through the holidays. From simple recipes to ideas for fun family time, there will be something for everyone. This program is set for Wednesday, November 30th, at noon at the Great Bend Activity Center, 2715 18th Street. It is free and open to everyone!

Healthy Holiday Hints

Keep your Thanksgiving memorable for giving thanks for family and friends. If you plan to fry a turkey, keep these tips in mind to prevent a disaster.

--Buy a fresh turkey 1-2 days before the meal and keep refrigerated.



Turkey Fryer Safety

--Thaw frozen turkey completely to reduce oil splattering and burning. It takes at least 24 hours to thaw 4-5 pounds of turkey. Plan for extra time.

   --Test the fryer capacity by placing the turkey in the pot and add water to

cover it 1-2 inches.

   --Smaller birds of 12 pounds or less are best. If larger, cut it into pieces.

   --Heat oil to 350°F. Measure with a thermometer to monitor the temperature

during cooking.

   --Cook time is about 3-5 minutes per pound. Do not stuff! Use a food thermometer to verify it is cooked to 165°F. Remove from oil and rest at least 20 minutes before carving.