Cottonwood Connections January 2023

January 2023

Greetings from the Director:

As I prepare to retire on February 3rd, I thought I would use my space to share some of my “favorite” days as an Extension Agent.

    -Teaching Stay Strong Stay Healthy to well over 300 older adults during the past 10 years. Folks aged 60-95 have enriched my life as much as I have theirs!

-Sharing my expertise related to fermenting sauerkraut or Kimchi with others in Extension, both in Kansas, Iowa and across the country. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the excitement in the 59 fermentation workshop participants in Barton and Ellis Counties.

      -Helping Medicare eligible adults review their prescription drug plan during open enrollment for the past 9 years. It is always rewarding when we find a plan that will save someone a significant amount of money.

-Kids Ag Day, always held on Wednesday after Labor Day, is the perfect chance to share with 4th graders from across the county where their food comes from.

-Sharing an Organwise presentation “Healthy from the inside out” with pre-schoolers and 1st graders. Little ones need to be introduced to what is healthy and what is not.

-Teaching “High-speed handwashing” to kids of all ages.

-Watching kids grow up in the 4-H Youth Development program. I have been around long enough that I am meeting the next generation!

-Teaching bicycle safety rules to school-agers and promoting safe bicycling to the entire community.

-Seeing the 10 fact sheets I have written in the past being published and used by Extension colleagues from around the state and shared with FCE members.

-Teaching a sewing workshop for 4-H youth – making pillowcases, back packs, pajama pants or walker bags to learn life skills.

-Collaborating with partners from across our county, through Be Well Barton County or Central Kansas Partnership. “Many hands really do make light work.”

-Developing a positive relationship with the executive board, team members, and YOU throughout my 37 year Extension career.

As you can see it was hard to narrow my favorite days down to a few. It’s been a good run!

Many of you are asking me who the next District Director will be when I retire. The Cottonwood Executive Board will be announcing the next District Director/Community Vitality Agent soon. I know you will provide them with opportunities to experience “favorite” days too.

Happy New Year from the Cottonwood District team.

Donna Krug, District Director [email protected]