CosmoBiz Magazine July 2017 | Page 63

Business Sundays Studio, Let’s Talk Vegan I n business, ‘unique’ is the way to go. A new salon that opened late February has a concept that has unique written all over it. If you haven’t heard of this salon yet, then say hello to sundays Studio. Sundays Studio currently has two locations in New York: in NoMad Studio and in Saks Fifth Ave Studio. This salon describes itself as a lifestyle brand; a zen-inspired nail salon that promotes confidence, wellness and simplicity. Practically all nail salons and spas have the same concept, so what makes sundays different? After running a chain of salons for four years, Amy Ling Lin, founder of sundays, saw the unhealthy problems that regular salons can cause for both clients and employees. The environment and products used are filled with carcinogens that are harmful to their health. Lin decided to address this issue, and we at CosmoBiz, think that it’s about time someone did! Lin created a collection of non-toxic, vegan products that the salon now uses and sells in their own studio. These products include 10-Free Nail Polishes, All-Natural Shower Scrubs, Hand Lotions, and Scented Candles. Lin believes that ‘one shouldn’t sacrifice health by using toxic beauty products’ thus the creation of these body- healthy alternatives. Not only does this salon provide customers with vegan nail polishes and lotions as alternatives to regular ones, the salon also manages a sundays community. The community aims to boost the customer’s confidence through community-building events and bringing customers together to network with fellow members. In a zen studio located above the salon, customers can enjoy a cup of tea and unwind amidst the busy city of New York. More about the products According to their website, sundays creates the highest quality socially-responsible products that are safe for clients and salon employees. Our nail polish collection is 10-free, non toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan. We spent a whole year perfecting our formula to create one of the simplest and purest on the market that still delivers long-lasting strength and shine. sundays professional 10-Free Nail Polish means it’s formulated without the nine hazardous chemical additives commonly used in nail polish. And it’s completely free of animal by-product, making the brand proudly cruelty-free and vegan. Boasting one of the most pure and simple formulas on the market, 10-Free Nail Polish delivers rich, luxurious color with stunning shine in a variety of timeless hues and fashionable colors. To learn more about the nail salon and its products, visit their website 63