Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) technical guidance by WHO RCCE action plan: COVID-19 preparedness - Page 8

Annex 1A COVID-19 Rapid Qualitative Assessment Tool This tool could be adapted for focus group discussions (FGD) or key informant interviews (KII). Participant observation (PO) will as well contribute to the collection of data, and then triangulated with other sources. ATTENTION: review with partners, adapt and pre-test the questionnaire to your local context No. 1 QUESTIONS Observer takes notes of ANSWERS here. Or using recording of the focus group records answers in detailed notes here 1. Location: 2. Sex of the interviewee: 3. Interviewee age: 4. Interviewee occupation: 5. Level of education: QUESTIONS ASKED TO THE GROUP BY THE FACILITATOR ABOUT COVID-19 Answers to be created in detailed notes from recording or during the focus group session or interviews. 2 Have you ever heard about the new coronavírus disease? (If the attendees are unresponsive, facilitator asks clarification question: It is also called COVID-19 Have you heard of that?) 3 What do you know about the new coronavirus disease? (Facilitator prompts participant responses related to what they know about relationship to disease, government involvement, what they have seen on TV, etc., ensuring that all participants share their understanding.) 4 What kind of information have you received about the disease? (Facilitator prompts participant responses drawing them out on whether they have heard about protection steps, symptoms, transmission, self-care, risks/complications, etc.) 8 | RC C E A C T I O N P L A N G U I DA N C E | C O V I D - 19 P R E PA R E D N E S S A N D R E S P O N S E