Cornerstone Magazine Spring 2014 - Page 9

THE SOLE OF MY SOUL As the first ray of dawn Runs across the sky I walk on three legs Daily I take up my cross. Old, Wrinkled hands worn by the weathering Trials and hurricanes and storms life renders; Sinking deep into the oceans Gasping for breath Arms yearning upward to the surface My feet fail But He does not. Night looms ahead Yet I am neither afraid Nor regretful of my years on earth For when I cried out to Him He answered Shackles of bondage Of my own selfishness A slave of the desires of a world imprisoned Until freedom came in the form of the Son. His image imprinted on The sole of my soul. What is this, this stirring in my feet heart so(u)le? I no longer want to live for myself To chase after the things of this world Money, jobs, fame, validation Temporary are they. Bidding the ephemeral farewell I arrive at the doorstep of the eternal. I no longer ask myself Where will my feet take me But ask Him Where will You take me? Where You go I will Come, Follow me. Come dwell in my house forever. The indigo veil lifts, revealing A golden light of peace. I rest my head on His shoulders. ANNA DELAMERCED He is carrying me home. Samantha Seto ‘17 Stained-Glass Cathedral Window 9