Cornerstone Magazine Spring 2014 - Page 30

MINISTRY PROFILE: CRU VIVIAN PHUNG Brown University CRU is a chapter of an international Christian non-profit dedicated to cultivating spiritual conversations around the world. The etymology of the word CRU means “growth” which is central to CRU’s vision of encouraging spiritual maturity and understanding among believers and non-believers. Brown University CRU is a community of people with changed lives, seeking to have relationships that matter, and offering uncommon opportunities to discover Jesus and connect others to Him. In the past few years at Brown, CRU has developed a specific vision to provide a caring community for international students who want to become more acclimated to the American culture. The organization strives to bolster the Brown University spirit of charity and diversity and seeks to exist as an open environment where anyone can experience what it means to practically follow Jesus. During my freshman year at Brown, I was drawn to CRU because of its diversity in faith background (believers, non-believers, seekers, etc.), cultural background, and outreach approaches. Originally from a predominately Asian church community, I saw CRU as an opportunity to grow and understand God through different cultural and spiritual lenses. International students who make up a significant percentage of our core group have been the underlying reason why CRU is so interesting to me. Watching them gain a better understanding of their American brothers and sisters in Christ and bringing their own perspectives of faith to the table enhances spiritual discussions not only within CRU, but also around campus and back home as they return to their friends and family as stronger spiritual influences. CRU encourages students to openly share their faith and preach the good news to others in a variety of outreach methods such as engaging in spiritual surveys, participating in community service events, or getting a meal with a person of a different faith. Every Thursday, Brown CRU leaders are trained in outreach and go out to different parts of the campus to talk with students and faculty about faith-- being a light to our beloved Brown community. Brown CRU gathers together every Tuesday 6PM-7:30PM for Life Group and opportunities to learn more about the amazing love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. 30 Sujay Natson ‘16 Footsteps in the snow