Cornerstone Magazine Spring 2014 - Page 28

SENIOR FAREWELL: CIA MATHEW After four years at Brown, I can confidently assert two parts of my identity: I am a writer and I am a Jesus enthusiast. Both of these critically shape the way I view the world, the way I relate with others, and the way I feel about myself. When I write, I’m looking at God’s creation and using the creativity He’s given me to share with the world His beauties, His complexities, and His love. I know I’m not the best at either of these labels, for my metaphors don’t always make sense and I often forget to pray. Yet, the mutual lesson that writing and following Jesus has taught me is this: I am a continuous work in progress. There will always be edits that can be made. I will always need grace. I will occasionally miss a comma or five. And there will be days when I forget how much the God of the universe loves me. I am far from perfect; but I am finally learning to believe that amidst my growth, I am enough. I believe in a God that loves me in my imperfections, while challenging me to grow deeper roots of faith. And I have come to cherish criticism and edits with my writing, because I am committed to my growth as a writer. From using language to paint an image to kneeling before Christ on Sunday morning, these are two parts of my identity I will never compromise. Christ died for me, and I write for Christ. Cornerstone Magazine has been the colliding intersection of these two parts of me, and for this space, for this page, I will always be grateful. 28 Sujay Natson ‘16 Door