Cornerstone Magazine Spring 2014 - Page 26

THOUGHTS FROM AN ANGEL A FICTIONAL NARRATIVE ENTRY I: Oh, pride - one of the most rampant and most deadly sins. I see it every day. Pride is the body’s own poison. It sits like an ulcer in the bellies of all men, burning through their insides until its toxic nectars are released into the body. Permeating through the bloodstream, it crawls slowly into the folds of their brain and pervades every thought. It drips out of man’s fingertips on everything he touches. He puffs his chest at the work of his hands, and claims himself as the owner of all his gifts. Pride descends into man’s legs, and collects like a block under his feet, making man feel deceivingly taller and brighter than his peers. In the years I wrote the Space Trilogy, I’d sit and ponder this universal vice for hours. For the first book, I used Weston and Devine to portray the poison. Weston, oh that bloke; he refused to believe that there might be others in the universe that were brighter than him. He was shocked every time he was wrong. And his sense of self-accomplishment and selftriumph was massive enough that he thought he could rule the universe. He was a power-hungry man filled to the brim with arrogance. He was foolish and wicked, all at the same time. At present, I watch men recreate my fictional characters. They plunder through life looking to make themselves great, stepping over others to get bigger offices and fatter paychecks. It’s not just about doing your best anymore; it’s about making sure everyone knows you’re the best. Men aren’t teachable nowadays... they refuse to admit they’re wrong and go lengths to prove others are wrong. But it’s not just the cheating businessmen or the pompous doctors. I see the poison in mothers who believe their children will never act like their neighbors’, in elementary school girls who boast about their toys being the nicest, and in college boys who keep tally of the girls they’ve slept with. From the little girl to pompous doctor, it’s all the same poison that runs through them. When on earth, I wrote how pride is the utmost evil - it is through pride that the devil became the devil. Pride leads to every other vice, and it is the complete anti-God state of mind. Just the thought of pride should be terrifying; it is a self-generated poison that wrenches us as far away from God as possible. ENTRY II: Despite being an angel and working under the Creator of the entire universe, there are often days when I feel as if I cannot do anything. No matter what I say or do, my voice cannot change all human minds. My Father never forces anyone to love Him, and nor can I. No matter how many times I appear in someone’s life, they might still choose to reject my Father and I. They simply refuse to believe. I struggled with this idea when I first came up. I wanted to make myself seen to every doubter and scream in every atheist’s ear “God is exists, God exists.” And I did a few times. However, I realized that even if my Father was more visible and more dramat X