Cornerstone Magazine Spring 2014 - Page 17

Emily Moenning ‘17 Selah MY DEAR WORMWOOD, You asked me to elaborate on the “Divine Design” principle that I mentioned in one of my previous letters. I want to first admonish you, however, for failing to retain any of the knowledge afforded you by the Tempter’s Training College. You have been taught a great deal, and yet you have learned nothing. How human of you. I will, however, honor your request. As I have mentioned before, the Enemy has “formed man from the dust of the ground” [5]. Nevertheless, he has also created them “in His own image” and “after His own likeness,” explaining how these mutts manage to exist both as animals and as spirits [6][7]. I can just imagine you shaking your head at this conundrum. Well, Wormwood. Consider this: In their science classes, the humans are taught that light exists both as a particle and as a wave. The poor fools have never stopped to consider that the same could be said about them. YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT A GREAT DEAL, AND YET YOU HAVE LEARNED NOTHING. It gets worse. Even though the Enemy has sprinkled a couple billion copies of himself across Earth, no two of them are exactly the same. Each and every one of the little brutes is endowed with specific gifts, talents, and abilities that neither anyone one before them, nor anyone after them, will ever possess. Physically, they exist in more heights, hues, and hair colors than I care to mention, and their personalities are equally distinct. They are, in a word, unique. The Divine Design is this. Mankind is one hundred percent the product of the Enemy (who else would concoct such a slobbering species?), but one hundred percent different from one another. Fortunate for us, Wormwood, is that they often forget this fact. What they fail to realize is that their only commonality is that they are constantly influenced both by Enemy and by us. These self-aggrandizing animals have called this phenomenon “the Human Experience.” My dear Wormwood, your goal as Tempter is to ensure that your patient remains ignorant of this truth. Should he know of the uniqueness in which he was made, he would laugh at every attempt you made to tempt him with the Twin Virtues. How can you corrupt a man with Envy or Jealousy when he is truly grateful for what the Enemy has given Him? Our researchers have found no solutions. Neither have I. As always, we have resorted to corruption. By manipulating the minds of these monsters through morals and media, we have convinced these humans to spend their lives trying to achieve an unachievable goal: to become like each other. We have taught them what is “good,” what is “legal,” what is “right,” and they have simply taken us at our word. It’s magnificent. We must continue to do so, lest they turn their eyes from one another, and turn them towards the Enemy. This is to be avoided at all costs. These humans may exist in variety, but their souls taste the same, Your affectionate uncle, SCREWTAPE [5] Genesis 2:7 [6] Genesis 1:27 [7] Genesis 1:26 Sources: Bible. New International Version. Selected Verses from Genesis, John, Luke, and Galatians. “Envy vs. Jealousy”. 22 October 2013. http://www. Envy_vs_Jealousy Lewis, C. S. The Screwtape Letters: With Screwtape Proposes a Toast. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 2001. Print. 17