Cornerstone Magazine Spring 2014 | Page 3

CONTENT ARTWORK NON-FICTION POETRY & FICTION P4: THE EMPTY CATCH P4: LETTER FROM THE EDITOR P9: SOLE OF MY SOUL Justina Lee P6: BRIDAL REFLECTIONS Emily Moenning P8: FROZEN Sujay Natson P9: STAINED-GLASS CATHEDRAL WINDOW Sam antha Seto P11: ICY Lauren Galvan P13: EYE OF THE FLOWER Sujay Natson P14: LIFE AMONG THE ROCKS Taylin Im P7: ALL MY SINGLE LADIES Nia Ca mpinha-Bacote P8: WHEN MY FAITH BECOMES MERELY RULES Cia Mathew Anna Delamerced P14: TILES Anna Delamerced P15: LOST LETTERS Olugbenga Joseph P20: HEART Isabella Bello Martinez P10: RE-MEETING GOD P22: BROKEN P12: EGGSHELLS P25: FEAR P18: ON GOD AND SUFFERING P26: THOUGHTS FROM AN ANGEL Mitch Akutsu Clare Kim Sujay Natson Michael Robinson & M o n i c a Pe rez P16: ELISE Julia Elstrodt P28: SENIOR FAREWELL P17: SELAH Placid Unegbu P29: CONVERSATION CORNER Emily Moenning Emily Moenning P18: TRIPLE DIP Cia Mathew C i a M at h ew C o r n e r sto n e S t af f Justina Lee P30: MINISTRY PROFILE P21: TRANQUILITY P31: PRAYER FOR BROWN Sujay Natson Fat h e r B o d a h P22: SOURCE Justina Lee P24: TAYLOR Emily Moenning P26: RISING MISSION STATEMENT Sujay Natson P28: DOOR Sujay Natson P29: THE WORD AMIDST NATURE Sujay Natson P30: FOOTSTEPS IN THE SNOW Sujay Natson Cornerstone Magazine seeks first and foremost to celebrate the Christian Gospel by presenting its richness and beauty to Brown and RISD students and faculty. Open to those of all denominational persuasions, we provide a literar y and artistic outlet for followers of Christ. We publish works of art, prose and poetr y that exhibit intelligent and creative approaches to current events, histor y and Christianity in general. Lauren Galvan ‘16 Anchored Footprint 3